We sell Henry rifles and Henry shotguns for sale from their popular collection. Purchase from our amazing selection of Henry firearms today, including Henry lever-action rifles, pump-action shotguns and semi-automatic carbines. We have a large inventory from which to choose, including new production guns as well as older models and discontinued collectors’ items. Put together your custom Henry rifle or shotgun with our customizable options that allow you to choose the right barrel length, caliber, stock style and optional extras that help you personalize your firearm. Explore the historic Henry Repeating Arms company and find out how we became one of the most innovative American firearm makers in the world today.

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Henry rifles are well known for for their reliability, accuracy, handsome looks and smooth action. The award-winning Golden Boy Rifle from Henry Rifles, a headturner with its octagon barrel and gleaming receiver, is destined to become a family heirloom that will be handed down from generation to generation. Unique Henry U.S. Survival rifles, a compact take-down rifle, is ideal for any outdoorsman seeking a rifle that easily fits in a backpack. 

Which Henry Rifle is Best?

Henry rifles have always been some of the best in the world, and here at Henry we’re proud to offer a wide range of lever action models for every shooter. Whether you are looking for a rifle for hunting, self-defense, or plinking we have what you need in stock. Get out there and buy your next firearm from the first name in American firearms – Henry!

Lever Classic .22

Henry Golden Boy

The New Original Henry

Henry Big Boy X

Steel Lever Action .45-70 Side Gate

The Long Ranger





The Henry is the standard by which all lever action rifles are measured. It looks great, shoots straight and exhibits quality craftsmanship every step of the way. The Henry family of rifles has something for every role you choose to play. Whether it’s hunting or competitive shooting, you can always depend on a Henry. The company’s current product line includes over 200 different models, ranging from youth guns to competition rifles and varmint rifles to big game pack guns. Their rifles are made with a variety of materials including American walnut, laminated hardwood and composite stocks.

About Henry

When was henry firearms founded?

The Henry provided an effective and compact weapon for cavalry troops who needed a rifle that could be carried and drawn quickly for a surprise attack. Other users of the Henry included miners, lawmen, and settlers on the Western frontier. With its higher velocity, faster reloading time and greater accuracy than the earlier Colt revolving rifles, it was far more powerful than any other lever-action cartridge rifle made in its day. By 1866 the limits of the Henry’s design were becoming all too apparent. It was therefore replaced by a newer model called the Winchester 1866, which differed little from its predecessor but had an improved design using a split receiver bridge and rotated loading gate.

Who owns henry firearms?

Henry Repeating Arms, also known as Henry Rifles, is a firearms manufacturing company. As of 2019, Henry ranked in the top five of U.S. long gun manufacturers, and eighth overall in total firearms production. Headquartered in Bayonne, New Jersey with a manufacturing plant located in Memphis Tennessee, Anthony Imperato began Henry Repeating Arms to produce affordable lever-action rifles suitable for hunting and sporting applications.

Henry firearms operations and how many engraved delux edidtions does henry firearms have?

Henry Repeating Arms is a firearms manufacturer that produces a wide range of rifles, shotguns and handguns, including the famous lever-action rifle known as the Henry. Based in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, Henry Repeating Arms employs 550 people and operates two manufacturing facilities totaling 250,000 square feet. The company headquarters is located in Rice Lake, Wisconsin and a second manufacturing facility is location in Bayonne, New Jersey. Louis Imperato served as Chairman of the company from its start until his death in November 2007. Anthony Imperato currently serves as the CEO and Founder, and Andy Wickstrom is the company President.

Who owns henry firearms?

Henry Repeating Arms fabricates rifles and shotguns. The organisation creates a wide scope of switch activity rifles in both rimfire and centerfire types, in various completes the process of, including compound, steel, solidified metal, solidified silver, variety unfeeling, and All-Weather. The organisations particular model is the Henry Golden Boy, a rimfire switch activity whose moniker is “the firearm that draws out the west in you”. The organisation has sold more than 1,000,000 of their model H001 Lever Action .22 rifle, which has turned into a staple of the guns business.